Course details

"Chef's Choice Authority course" 10,000 yen (120 minutes with all you can drink)

"Chef's Choice Authority course" 10,000 yen (120 minutes with all you can drink)

10000 yen

This course is a plan with all you can drink.(120 minutes · glass replacement system)

  • 2-32persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    120 minutes All-you-can-drink plan (We will ask last order in 90 minutes)

We prepared a number of dishes using seasonal ingredients as a course.Please enjoy delicious dishes prepared with the fresh ingredients purchased from various parts of Kyushu and the craftsmen's techniques.

Course menu

We will prepare cuisine according to your budget.Take time and effort on each dish, and devote yourself to the gem of the whole body,

Please enjoy it.

When you make a reservation, we will call you from our store.

We would like to have a meeting, such as content and requests.

All-you-can-drink menu

· "Clear Asahi Duck"
· A youthful and refreshing new genre that gives plenty of wheat flavor.At the banquet with large people, we may ask you to bottle of beer for the first toast
· Shochu (potato, barley · rice)
· Please drink in your favorite way! Rock · water · hot water · straight · etc. Topping (lemon · sushi) will be an extra charge.
· Shochu high
· Lemon · Lime · Calpis · Peach
· Moscow Community · Gin Tonic · High Ball
· It will be provided at Tokuwa.Please enjoy hot and cold with your favorite drinking method!
·Fruit wine
· Plum wine · apricot sake · apple sake ※ Please choose one of your favorite drinking methods, rock · soda!
·Soft drink
· Kohler · Gingeraire · Oolong tea · Calpis · Orange · Grapefruit etc.
Reservation deadline
Three days before 12 o'clock on arrival desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2018/12/05 update