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【Entertainment Course】 Fall Preference Course "Kikyo" (Kikyo) 5,500 yen (only for dishes)

【Entertainment Course】 Fall Preference Course "Kikyo" (Kikyo) 5,500 yen (only for dishes)

5500 yen

This course is a dish only plan.

  • 7items
  • 232persons

It is recommended course of chef who can enjoy seasonal taste and ingredients in various scenes such as entertainment, business, gifts and face-to-face meetings.Would you like to have your meal slowly in a private room with a calm atmosphere?


【Entertainment Course】 Fall Special Course "Kikyo (Kikyo)"

First-come, first-served basis

Building: 3 sashimi of sashimi

Grilled items: wrapped in autumn salmon and oyster

Lift: Crab and autumn vegetables Tengoku Ra

Steam: Steamed Matsutake mushrooms

Sushi: 5 grasp

Sweet taste: Seasonal dessert

"All 7 items"

★ Attention

Depending on purchase, the case may change content.


Business hours are different from weekdays and weekends.

※ This plan includes table charge (500 yen tax excluded).

※ This course is two-hour system.

※ This plan will be offered at a special price so you can not use various coupons.

※ The banquet is a two-hour system after entering the store.

In the case of extension, we will charge a separate fee.

※ We will confirm your confirmation from our shop the day before.If you can not contact us,

I will cancel.Moreover, we will charge a cancellation fee separately (100% cancellation the day before)

Reservation deadline
Coming to a store up to 12 pm two days before the desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

2018/09/20 update