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【Late bonus】 Recommended for the second session ★ If after 20:30 you have a drink unlimited course 1 person 3,500 yen !!

【Late bonus】 Recommended for the second session ★ If after 20:30 you have a drink unlimited course 1 person 3,500 yen !!

3500 yen

This course is a plan with all you can drink.(120 minutes · glass replacement system)

  • 6items
  • 432persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    120 minutes All-you-can-drink plan (We will ask last order in 90 minutes)

Recommended course in the summer night ♪ We prepared a course with drinks all you need from 20:30 to the last! Using delicious Kyushu ingredients, at the end of the course you will come to "sushi" Convincing course It is a cuisine and you can enjoy your meal relaxedly in a private room and a large hall.Please use it for second-party etc. ♪ ※ last order weekday days before holiday: 22:30


【Summer Night Banquet】 3,500 yen (120 minutes with all you can drink)

Small bowl: Okaki of grilled eggplants

Sashimi: Three sashimi of sashimi

Grilled dishes: Charcoal grilled marinated with young chicken

Fried food: Matsuni Tatei croquette and skewer cut

Sushi: Thin hard wrapping 3 species, middle volume

Sweetness: Kiwi Mousse

"All six items"

★ Attention

Depending on purchase, the case may change content.


Business hours are different from weekdays and weekends.

※ This plan includes table charge (500 yen tax excluded).

※ This course is two-hour system.

※ The last order of all you can drink is 30 minutes before.

※ All you can drink is a glass replacement system.

All-you-can-drink menu

· "Clear Asahi Duck"
· A youthful and refreshing new genre that gives plenty of wheat flavor.At the banquet with large people, we may ask you to bottle of beer for the first toast
Shochu (potato, wheat, rice)
· Please drink in your favorite way! Rock · water · hot water · straight · etc. Toppings (lemon · sushi) will be a separate charge.
· Sake High
· Lemon · Lime · Calpis · Peach
· Moscow Community · Gin Tonic · High Ball
· It will be provided at Tokuwa.Please enjoy hot and cold with your favorite drinking method!
·Fruit wine
· Plum wine · apricot sake · apple sake ※ Please choose one of your favorite drinking methods, rock · soda!
·Soft drink
· Kohler · Gingeraire · Oolong tea · Calpis · Orange · Grapefruit etc.
Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the day 20 o'clock in the desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Saturday, Sunday and public holiday

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